It is a matter of pride to pen down the message for the new website of St. Paul’s School Jhinjhari. My heart fills with immense pleasure as I perceive the progress being made at St. Paul’s School, Jhinjhari.

In this era of competition the world scenario is changing with speed and education system is no doubt a major part of it. As we all know the education is tool which alone can inculcate national and cultural values among the younger generations. In order to improve the social face of our country it is very important to educate our younger generations. We are proud to create our new Website of St. Paul’s Senior Secondary School, Katni. It stands as a mark for the finest schools in district as it propagates an environment conducive to learning.

The school website is a platform for the students to express their creative pursuit which develops in them originality of thought and perception. The content of the website reflect the wonderful creativity of thoughts and imagination of our students. Academic excellence along with co-curricular and extra co-curricular activities completes the process of education. It also gives me a great pleasure that   St. Paul’s Senior Secondary School is progressing in its endeavors.

Rev. Msgr. Dr. Fr. G. Valan Arasu
Bishop of Jabalpur Diocese