SECONDARY SCHOOL: The World of Fun and Education for V to IX Classes

The distribution of the curriculum is not isolated into branches of knowledge but an inter-disciplinary approach is adopted. In the Secondary school (Standard V to VIII), teachers design the curriculum and select textbooks that offer creative educative experiences. ‘Graded learning’ provides experiences to the pupils relevant to their strengths, needs and interests. ‘Project Work’ supplements the theoretical acquisition of knowledge, understanding and application in every subject area. Offers strong foundation and promises best subject Knowledge enhancement with different methodologies of foundation &implementation for all types of exams.
Educational excursions, nature trails, exploration camps, monsoon treks and participation in co-curricular activities makes the education program a stimulating learning experience for all. Value Education fits into the curriculum design and offers a holistic approach to education.
After Grade VIII, parents have the option to continue with Senior Secondary Schooling at St.Paul’s.


The Students of secondary grades of V to IX, are given significant understanding of every subject. Once the inspiration of learning is established within the primary classes, they’re further given required academic rigor so as to organize them for the upcoming challenges. we offer our students with an integrated knowledge for Science, Technology, Engineering and arithmetic , in an easily comprehensible manner through our unique teaching methods.

The curriculum for this phase focuses on the career building of a student aside from academicexhibition_stpaul'sschool achievements, that different activities and program are initiated along side the tutorial subjects within the curriculum.

Up to grade IX, the teaching is as per CBSE curriculum, but the teaching methodology, assessments, and therefore the lesson plans are as per the norms of international boards. From VIII onwards, our students are channelised towards a selected syllabus to assist them specialise in their class X milestone.


It matters an excellent deal on how the foremost basic of concepts are being taught, especially once we take into consideration the foremost typical of subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. To eliminate the fear and to bring out the simplest of a child’s performance, teaching methodology plays an enormous role. Students studying in secondary classes require absolute clarity of every concept.

Our hands-on learning approach allow each child to possess a transparent conceptual understanding of logic behind every formula, every practical or every application learned is well engraved within the minds of those little geniuses.