1. Pupils who have not cleared their dues before the commencement of the  examinations will not be permitted to appear for the examinations.
  2. Pupils absent for an examination without a given reason and without explicit permission from the principal will be considered as having failed. Pupils absent from an examination for any reason whatsoever will not be re – examined.
  3.  Absence in one or more subject involves a loss of marks and excludes the pupil from being placed in the order of merit.
  4. Application to the principal for verification of marks in special cases must be made by the parent within three days of receiving the report card, together with a fee of 100/- for each subject.
  5. Students having less than 75% attendance will not be permitted to sit for examinations conducted.
  6. Admit cards are compulsory for all the examinations. If student  loose/forgets admit card on a particular day, temporary admit card will be issued from the office on payment of 10/- (rupees ten only) as fine.