“Prayer is the key that unlocks the door to God’s heart.”

The morning assembly at our school is a vital ritual, marking the beginning of each day with a sense of purpose and unity. As students gather on campus, the serene atmosphere resonates with prayers, uplifting songs, and inspiring messages. From sharing news updates to celebrating student achievements, every element of the assembly contributes to fostering a positive and productive environment. Class-wise rotations ensure that each group gets the opportunity to lead the assembly, promoting inclusivity and allowing every student to showcase their talents. Additionally, special assemblies held on important national and international days serve as reminders of our shared values and global citizenship.

Furthermore, Saturdays are dedicated to house-wise assemblies, reinforcing camaraderie among students and fostering a sense of belonging within each house. Through these gatherings, we not only receive blessings for the day ahead but also cultivate a spirit of community and collaboration that extends beyond the morning assembly. In this way, the assembly serves as a cornerstone of our school culture, nurturing both individual growth and collective unity.

St. Paul, our school’s Patron Saint, a charismatic leader who dared to challenge the dogmas of yesteryears, rose as an iconic leader, as a soldier of Jesus Christ to uphold his teachings. It is this lifeblood, which runs through the veins of every Paulian. St. Paul’s Feast Day was celebrated on 29th June 2022 with zeal and enthusiasm in St. Paul’s High School, Jhinjhari. The programme started with the lighting of the lamp by Rev. Fr. Thankanchan Jose, Principal Sr. Shobha Rani, Kindergarten incharge Sr. Joycee.The celebration began with a fervent prayer by our teachers followed by an inspiring speech on the life of St. Paul, The Apostle. We had our staff members read out passages from the Quran, Gita and the Bible, which highlighted universal brotherhood and serving each other that leads to God irrespective of caste, creed and religion.Rev. Fr. Principal delivered a beautiful message on the life of St. Paul and the example which he has set for all of us to follow. Afterwards, we had a soulful poem written on St. Paul in which his endless blessings and numerous acts of mercies which he showered upon, were praised. At last, our Principal Sister addressed the students to follow the footsteps of our patron.


Tree plantation is a process where a large number of trees or seedlings are planted for land reclamation or landscaping.

St. Paul’s School, Jhinjhari, Katni organized a tree planting event on 6th July , 2023.The students from various grades actively participated in this event. Manager Father SIBI Joseph of St. Aloysius School, Gaur from Jabalpur , Manager Father Thankchan Jose and Principal Sister Shobha Rani, were part of this event. The students, along with the teachers, planted trees in the campusof the school and also near surrounding. The first tree of “Kadam” was planted by Rev. Manager Father SIBI Joseph in the school park. Rev. Manager Father Thankachan Jose and Principal Sister Shobha Rani also planted a “ Badam” tree. She also talk about that tree planting is a vital activity to combat climate change and enhance the environment.The students of different classes were given 50 sapling to plant in and around the school campus and the remaining saplings were planted by the senior students.

Each process of tree plantation is important and unique in its own way.The Principal ended the event with a vote of thanks and appreciated the Manager Father SIBI Joseph and the students for their presence. All the students were given a sapling each to plant at home.

Sixth Investiture Ceremony was held on July 28th at school premises of St. Paul’s School, Jhinjhari Katni. The school held the ceremony with great enthusiasm. It was the ocсаssion. The event began with the arrival of our eminent guests i.e. the Chief Guest, Mrs. Sandhya Rajput, the Reserve Inspector of Police Line, Katni, our School Manager, Rev. Thankachan Jose, Principal Sister Shobha Rani and our parents.

The event began with the school band escorting the guests from the gate to the venue. The honourable guests were welcomed with the cards and bouquets. Lamp lighting and intercessory prayers were performed. A prayer song and a prayer dance were presented by our exceptionally talented students to rejoice this day.

An influential speech was delivered by our Head Boy Rohan Shobhwani express his dedication and diligence towards the allotted duties. The oath of allegiance was taken by the school Head Boy, Rohan Shobhwani and Head Girl Cherisha Panjwani that they would faithfully discharge their assigned duties.


15th august the Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and patriotism this year in our school. The Independence Day celebration planning commenced weeks before the actual event. A dedicated organizing committee monitored the whole matter. That committee ensured a grand and inclusive celebration with national pride in our school.

The day began with a flag hoisting ceremony at our school campus at about 7.30 am. Our respected Manager Father Thankachan Jose and Respected Principal Sister Shobha Rani hoisted the national flag in the presence of the students and some guests. When the national anthem was sung, and everyone saluted the flag, the atmosphere was filled with patriotic fervor.

Following the flag hoisting, a series of cultural programs took place to celebrate the day. The students of various classes performed traditional dances, patriotic songs, and theatrical performances. High-ranking government officials, along with local dignitaries were present on that day. They delivered speeches that highlighted the significance of Independence Day. They discussed about the struggles of the past and the progress that our country has made since independence. Their valuable speeches enriched the knowledge of the students.

On 26th August 2023, St. Paul’s School Jhinjhari organized ‘PAULIAN SPECTACULO 2023-24’ a science, art and craft exhibition.  All the students from various classes participated in the exhibition. The chief guest for this exhibition was Dr. Smita Bajaj, one of the renowned pulmonologists along with Manager Rev.Fr. Thankachan Jose and Principal Sr. Shoba Rani. The Program started with welcoming of guests followed by a prayer. Our esteemed judges were Madam Shipra Mishra, Madam Rukhsar Begum and Madam Swati Patel. The exhibition was inaugurated by the chief guest and judges. As the exhibition started, various students presented their projects. Models of transportation and communication, health and cleanliness, conservation, science and technology, etc. were prepared by the students. The kindergarten students also participated in the exhibition. Dr. Smita Bajaj along with our principal, went to various classes looking at the different models designed by the students and assessed the demonstration given by the students. The parents, too, looked at the various models exhibited by the students. Apart from models, the students also organized visual presentations to help everyone understand the concepts of their working models. The chief guest encouraged all the students to take science not just as a learning subject but as an enjoyable process. The chief guest and judges were presented with momentous as a token of gratitude from the management and the staff.


“Embracing the spirit of unity through sports, Saint Paul’s School, Jhinjhari celebrates a day of talent, teamwork, and triumph.”

A magnificent extravaganza 2nd Annual Athletic Meet was organized by St. Paul’s School, Jhinjhari, Katni on 15th December, with the theme “Champions Carnival”. The Athletic Meet of the school took place on a grand scale in the playground of  St. Paul’s School Jhinjhari.

The event was graced by our distinguished guests, Dr. Fr. Davis George, the Director of Saint Aloysius Institute of Technology, Jabalpur, as the Chief Guest, and Mr. Mufeed Khan, Division Electric Engineer, as the Guest of Honor. Manager Reverend Father Thankachan Jose, Principal, Sister Shobha Rani, Primary in charge Sr. Mary and Kindergarten in charge Sr. Joysee T. also presided over the ceremony. Students of classes 1 to 10 participated in the sports day events. Dr. Fr. Davis George, the Director of Saint Aloysius Institute of Technology – Jabalpur, started the events of the day by unfurling the school flag, accompanied by the school anthem, setting an energetic tone for the day.

The traditional lighting of the lamp followed, symbolizing the dispelling of darkness through knowledge. The inaugural dance captivated the audience, ushering in a series of captivating performances.

Athletes took the oath, pledging to compete with integrity and sportsmanship, paving the way for an array of exciting races showcasing the students’ athletic prowess. The Asana Avengers mesmerized everyone with a display of yoga, promoting physical and mental well-being. The ceremony continued with the inauguration of the school magazine, “YOUTHESTA”, a testament of School and the students’ literary and creative achievements.

The cultural segment featured lively dance performances and precision of drill displays, captivating the  attention of the audience. Martial arts demonstrations, aerobics, and relay races showcased the students’ diverse talents. The band display resonated through the grounds, creating an atmosphere of celebration.

Gymnastics and a spectacular march past added a touch of grace and discipline to the event. The highlight of the day was the Annual Prize Distribution where, the academic toppers of class 10th 2022-23, 1st Rank – Siddharth Pandey., 2nd Rank – Mahi Jagwani and 3rd Rank – Priyanshu Ranjan and Anshul Gupta were honored, and the Best House Overall Awards were conferred to GREEN HOUSE fostering healthy competition among the students.

The closing ceremony featured a vibrant dance performance, culminating in a collective rendition of our patriotism that filled the air with pride. The second annual Sports Day of Saint Paul’s School, Jhinjhari was a memorable celebration of talents, sportsmanship, and unity, reinforcing the school’s commitment to holistic education and all-round development. The event ended with singing of the National Anthem and lowering of the school flag.

Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son. They shall call his name “Immanuel” which means, “God with us”.- Mathew 1:24

Christmas celebration was conducted in our school on 23th December 2023 to highlight the birth of Jesus. The students performed different programsto celebrate the birth of Jesus. Each character enacted its part beautifully in the skit. Christmas celebration ignited the spirit of joy and celebration in all the students as songs and dances were performed by the primary and middle section students. Fr. ThankachanJose gave a meaningful message emphasizing that “ we need tocelebrate  our lives with a new beginning just as Jesus Christ was born to save the world from all its sinfulness” at last, the Santa carnival made the day a beautiful and a memorable one. As the Christmas programme ended we started with the annual fete. There were stalls like bhelpuri, pavbhaji, pani puri, chat and many games organised by the teachers which the students enjoyed a lot. It was a memorable and fun filled day for the students.


Sr. Mary,

Miss. Prarthana David.

Educational tours provide us with ideas and opportunities to visit prestigious places, aiding in visualizing what we learn in school. They enable students to acquire more knowledge through firsthand exposure to different locations. With this in mind, an educational trip was organized to Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, and Gwalior. Manager Rev. Fr. Thankanchan Jose and Principal Sr. Sobha Rani accompanied 61 students and 4 teachers for this enriching experience.


The annual sports day event, held on 19th January 2024 at St Pauls’ Jhinjhari, was a thrilling display of athleticism and sportsmanship. The day brought together talented athletes from various classes and showcased their skills across a wide range of sports. This report will provide a comprehensive overview of the event, highlighting noteworthy performances, standout moments, and the pleasant atmosphere that permeated throughout the day.


The sports day commenced with an energetic opening ceremony, where participants and spectators were entreated to a vibrant display of music and dance. The enthusiasm was palpable as the athletes geared up for a day of intense competition. The sprawling venue, adorned with colorful banners and flags, buzzed with anticipation.



The opening event was a delight to eyes. Participants performance was exceptional and stood out and set the mood for the entirety of the event.

  1. MASS T  OF  K.G

The team events were fiercely contested, with participants displaying exceptional teamwork and strategic process. They captivated the crowd, earning the admiration of all.


The event was a resounding success, igniting passion and inspiring young participants to pursue their sporting interests. The event exemplifies the power of sports to unite communities and fostering a sense of belonging.

  1. G.2 P.T.

The sports day also featured  fostering a camaraderie and collective effort. The display offered an intense coordination and remarkable skill, gripping the viewers attention at all times.


The sports meet will be remembered as a memorable occasion that celebrated athletic excellence. As the day came to a close, the resounding cheers and smiles in the faces of participants and spectators reflected the collective joy and appreciation for the spirit of sportsmanship and achievement.


The sports day was a resounding success, celebrating the spirit of competition, camaraderie, and personal growth. It provided a platform for athletes to showcase their talents, break records, and inspire others with their achievements. The event left a lasting impression on participants and spectators alike, reminding everyone of the power of sports to bring people together and foster a sense of unity. With its joyful atmosphere and unforgettable moments, the sports day marked a truly memorable occasion in the annals of St. Paul’s  Kindergarten, Jhinjhari.

St. Paul’s School, Jhinjhari, Katni celebrated the 75th Republic Day with grandeur and excitement. The guests of the programme were our Principal Sr. Sobha Rani, Sr. Joycee and Sr.Mary who graced the occasion. The event began at 9:00 am with unfurling of the national flag by our respected Principal. As students invoked god’s blessings by a meaningful prayer followed by prayer song we really felt the presence of God amidst us. One of our school students gave a powerful and thought provoking speech in Hindi. The students put up spectacular performances with patriotic songs and dances. Our Principal delivered a powerful message on the significance of Republic Day to our dear students. She stressed on the achievements of Dr.B.R Ambedkar and motivated the students to grow more in knowledge and respect and value our country. Finally the event came to an end with the vote of thanks delivered by Madam Shraddha Shukla.

Program In-charge

Rupali Malakar

Nainam Rochlani

Sharddha Shukla 

The annual picnic for the teaching, non-teaching and support staff of St. Paul’s School Jhinjhri was organised on 24th February 2024 at ‘Shaadar Resort’ Slimnabad. Interesting and well-planned games were organised by Mrs. Bulbul Jha  and Kajal Rao in the morning to enhance bonding among staff members and team building. Some staff members also swam and played games in the pool  and used the other  entertainment facilities in the resort which added to the camaraderie shared by the staff. Delicious snacks and meals were served and it was a fun filled and relaxing day, The staff is grateful to our Manager Fr. Thankachan Jose who is at the helm of the school, for this enjoyable break.

Incharge:- Reeti Gumasta

  • Objective : To inculcate leadership quality among the students.
  • Coordinated by : Scout Master Onkar Singh
  • Supported by –
  • Rajneesh Sen
  • Nainam Rochlani

Learning outcomes:

  • To develop student sensibility towards society.
  • To develop leadership.
  • To work in group.
  • To develop students physical fitness.

The Bharat Scouts and Guides (BSG) is the national Scouting and Guiding association of India.

Scouting is all about building confidence and self esteem learning important life skills, Leadership skills, team building, outdoor adventure, education and fun !

Bharat scout and guides is a voluntary, non-political, educational movement for young people, open to all without distinction of origin race or creed in accordance with the purpose principles and methods conceived by the founder LORD BADEN POWEL.

An workshop was organized for the Scouts and Guides of classes VI to IXfor five days (01/07/23-05/07/23) by Bharat Scout and Guide. The main objective of the workshop was to motivate students to learn real life experience and life skills in nature.

Another camp was organized in the Village for scouts and guides. The theme of the camp was –“Save Water” &“Voting”. Our scout and guide went door to door and explained the importance of water and voting. All activities were organized in group. The students demonstrated their skills and participation actively.