Children should be involved in a minimum of one form because it contributes to their happiness. And when combined with learning, it must not be ignored. At ST.PAUL’S JHINJHARI, we believe dance is an integral aspect of a balanced education programme.

It is a novel way of enhancing creativity, confidence, and expression in a student. we’ve introduced a complete curriculum on kinesthetic learning to create sure our students get the most effective chance at improving their body and mind coordination, bringing a balance to their lives.

ST.PAUL’S SCHOOL JHINJHARI, KATNI  introduces Physical, Mental and Social Attributes on a wider scale. It teaches them flexibility, strength, endurance, balance coordination, etc. both physically and in terms of a life skill.

PRE-PRIMARY : Curriculum designed for Pre-Primary students includes:

Motor skills development : Increased range of movement, body awareness & coordination, building motor memory and adaptability within the students.
Enhancing creativity and confidence : Provides opportunities to innovate dance moves, promotes free expression of emotion &
opinion, an absolute non-judgmental environment which helps to make confident movers.
Brain development : Involves movement designed to market brain development.

Kinesthetic learning :

Usage of music and lyrics with concepts that are understandable. for instance – Story of a tree growing.
Introduces an enormous bank of movement vocabulary through the concept of Elements of Dance (body/energy/space/time).
Introducing basic Jazz syllabus : Polishes Good Posture, Performance and introduces Jazz terschool-welcomedance3_St.Paul'sJhinjhariminology-Jazz fist, blade, hands etc.


The Dance curriculum for the Secondary classes of Grade V to X takes a breakthrough to advanced training as per the age bracket being covered within the curriculum. Each dance form and activity has been allocated different weeks and weakened into steps so as to hide every aspect of each form and remove the simplest of learnings that we’ve to understand the category structure covers everything from warm up, isolation, footwork etc to flexibility cooldowns. The similar structure is made for each dance form. we’ve taken under consideration each element of dance, Body / Action / Space / Energy / Relationships. The last week counts for a showcase week, where all the efforts are put to presentation in Mega Events.

My Dance Book is an initiative for all to jot their experiences and learnings as reflections.

Our Dance curriculum is exclusive for every age bracket and every dance form. We move forward with proper assessments and a strategize curriculum, always able to be upgraded with the newest trends and teaching methods with the assistance of our highly trained professionals.

Dance rooms

We have designated dance rooms as comfortable space, and dance teachers to assist our students express their feelings through movement. we’ve various talent events throughout the year that allow our students to explore their interests and aim for better challenges.