Pre-Primary school: Nursery, LKG,UKG


The St.Paul’s Pre-Primary program aims at fostering a happy and productive teaching-learning environment that is conducive to the growth of a child by offering one of the best environment in playschool. Teaching is based on the belief that children learn best through active learning, direct hands-on experience with people, objects, events and ideas to acquire a global outlook.
An integrated approach is  adapted in a well-balanced manner, with the curriculum aiming for holistic development. The little ones are exposed to theme based instruction that results in development of emotional maturity and honed skills of thought, imagination, self-reflection, observation and communication.
After Senior KG, parents have the option to continue with Primary schooling at St.Paul’s or opt for the Primary Years Program at St.Paul’s.
We Offer unparalleled quality holistic education in the field of Pre-primary. Our institute is land of exploring tender minds. Our objective is to nurture the child into individuals possessing highly developed intellectual, physical and social skills.


In the initial years, the child’s brain undergoes major development at a rapid pace. With an aim to include maximum learning at this stage, we’ve constructed a singular curriculum for our Early Years Program(EYP) students of Pre-Nursery, Nursery, K1, K2. The small tots of our EYP classes hold enormous talent waiting to be sparked through just the proper push that they have .

The vibrant learning environment for the EYP children, may be a mixture of several methodologies like Montessori, Play-way theory etc. These when combined together, make their journey a bright and colorful one. We specialise in strengthening the inspiration of learning by encouraging curiosity and independent thinking within the classrooms. Each child is motivated to ask questions and knowledge the training first hand. Our multi-sensory learning approach takes care of the general development of the kid .

We have a good range of in-house decodable books namely ‘Sound Crackers’, where through an ingenious approach of phonetics, we ensure our students with fluency in reading. Each alphabet is introduced to the scholars as a story through visual and audio aids. Similarly, Numeracy is taught with hands-on learning approach, through creative numeric toys and kits.


Our teaching methodology may be a combination of  teaching methods and basic concepts of traditional values. Each classroom has its own learning culture encouraging creative and application-based learning.

The Transition period from EYP to Primary is extremely challenging for a toddler . To ease this process we’ve included in Early Years Program, where a toddler can make use of his EYP skills in Primary classes. This ensures each student in Early Year Program instills a habit of learning the essential concepts of every subject.

Young minds are easily impressionable which is why we shall make them comfortable in stepping out of their comfort zones to find out and prosper.